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Too often, lawyers hurt themselves and their reputations when they fail to put their client’s interest ahead of their own. 

Over 25 Years of Experience

With over 25 years of experience, Attorney Kershek has the knowledge,  and intuition to understand the nuances of case strategy for each type of case given a multitude of factors.

to Results

The world is an imperfect place. People are human and prone to successes and failures. Our lives are made of numerous chapters — some we’d prefer to forget. 


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Hello, I am Attorney Mark Kershek. I’ve been practicing criminal law for over 25 years. I have a deep seated commitment to the Constitution and, with that, to protect people’s Constitutional rights. I understand that most people, if not all, have issues. I work hard to address my client’s issues with the hopes of not only representing them, but to making my clients better people. Because of this, I find practicing criminal defense law very rewarding. I have enjoyed success litigating cases through trial, motion hearings and appeals on numerous cases. Most of my practice concentrates in Waukesha and Milwaukee, but I have represented many people throughout the State of Wisconsin. I practice both in State and Federal Court.

I grew up in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I attended high school at Marquette University High School, college at New York University, and law school at Loyola University of Chicago.

My philosophy of practicing law is this: to be an effective lawyer, it should not be about money. Its about loving what you do. Criminal defense law for me is the most rewarding area of law because of the interaction I have with people and the chance to help them. Different Attorneys’ personalities are better suited for different areas of law. For me, the practice of criminal defense law is a natural fit. It’s about the protection of Constitutional Rights and its about helping people becoming better human beings.

If you choose to contact me, I think you will find my rates reasonably priced compared to many attorneys. I have worked hard to keep my overhead low in order to keep my rates reasonable and affordable. I would be happy to review your case with you for free and give you a preliminary assessment of your case.

Thank you,

Mark Kershek


Contact Mark Kershek

325 Westmoor Drive

Brookfield, WI 53005 

Attorney Mark Kershek
Waukesha Criminal Defense Attorney Kersh

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