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Misdemeanor Cases
(Most common listed here but all misdemeanors are handled)


Misdemeanor Drug Possession

A very common charge, most often involving the possession of marijuana, cocaine, or other prescription.  Often, these offenses do not entail jail time if found guilty, depending on various factors, most notably, the client's prior record.

Steel safe with money. Hand putting pass
Theft (including Retail Theft)

Thefts and retail thefts on the misdemeanor level are often considered "petty."  This loose view is somewhat of misnomer because thefts are the one misdemeanor-type charge that can have much more serious ramifications for individuals going forward.  It can affect careers, job prospects, professional licensing, rental applications, etc.  

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly Conduct is likely the most charged crime in Wisconsin and the United States.  It doesn't take much to get arrested for Disorderly Conduct.  Most often, it results when the police are called after a boyfriend-girlfriend/husband-wife heated argument.   The problem with this law is that the police are generally required to arrest someone after they are called to a disturbance... often siding to arrest the male.  

OWI (DUI) Operating While Intoxicated

Years ago, citizens regularly drove after consuming alcohol.  With the large number of deaths attributed to drunk-driving, society had to clamp down on the practice.  Therefore, the number of people charged with the crime has dramatically increased. Moreover, the penalties have become very strict.  Most OWI's entail mandatory Jail/Huber time and often prison.  

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